Research has shown that women who have continuous support during labour are less likely to experience complications and interventions in labour and are more likely to describe birth as a positive experience. 

As a DONA-certified birth doula, I believe it’s possible to actually enjoy giving birth if women go into labour feeling confident, relaxed and secure, surrounded by people they know and trust.

I aim to help you birth without fear.

There’s been no better time in history to have a baby in Canada. Your body is designed for birth. You have access to highly trained caregivers at a time in history when modern medical advances have reduced the risks of birth. You’re also giving birth in an era and country where women’s opinions matter. You have options and your voice will be heard.

You can’t control how your labour will unfold but you can control how you want to be treated.

I will help make sure your choices are respected and that you are given the opportunity to make informed decisions. Whether you have a 3-hour labour or a 3-day labour, whether you give birth using medication or naturally, whether you labour at home with a midwife or in the hospital, I’ll be there to support you and do everything I can to make becoming a parent an empowering experience.

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Having a Baby?  A doula can help!



Sharelyn Stone, CD(DONA)

Services & Rates

Full Doula Services    $850

Prenatal Only            $350

Postpartum Only   $25/hr


photography by Merna Ryan